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Ronald is arguably the best financial practitioner mentor you can find in the industry. He is engaging, knowledgeable and ever ready to help his students achieve the best they can be in their work. 

Ken Lew

Financial Services Consultant, AIA

The tutorial is conducted by Ronald in very interesting way and easy to be understood. I strongly recommend to attend the tutorial to have better understanding about the topics and the key info to pay attention. Ronald is also very helpful and patient in solving our questions.

Ang Weiting

Senior Executive, JLT PCS

Ronald is a very friendly and capable lecturer who is able to make lessons interesting and materials easy to understand. His experience in the industry also provide many valuable studying method tips and important concepts. He is also available to give guidance outside of lessons. I am glad to say that I managed to pass Module 6 at my first try thanks to Ronald and the lessons he gave. 

Altricia Soh
41st Intake Aug 2014

Hi Ronald & Daniel (Tan), I am writing to you to thank you personally on making a different in your student's result. I got a pass in my AFP this time round with 99.9% adopting the study method that were encouraged by both of you. I am very thankful and grateful to the both of you. Thank you for making your class interesting all the time, i look forward to see you in my subsequent journey towards achieving CFP. Appreciate your hard work and guidance.
Tung Mui Khim (Ms)
CPA Singapore, April 2013

I attended the CFP Module 6 course conducted by Financial Perspectives Pte Ltd in Jan 2013 to Feb 2013 and wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Ronald Wong, our course lecturer, for his significant contributions towards my results. I passed my CFP Module 6 at first attempt! Ronald taught us effective exam techniques and study methods, so that we can accomplish our goal of completing the full exam paper on time and be able to present our answers in a concise manner. During the lessons, we went through case studies in details and Ronald showed us how to present our workings in a speedy and structured manner, as speed and relevance are of essence in our exam. Ronald started the first lesson stating that his mission is to help us to pass our CFP Module 6 at first attempt, and he has done it! Congratulations to a job well done, Ronald! Thank you for your commitment to excellence, Ronald!

 Kyrene Lim Pei Jun

AIA Financial Services Manager

Module 6 is the only module I attended lessons and I am glad I did it with FP at the recommendation of my friend. As module 6 comprises application of all the previous 5 modules, Ronald manage to guide us on how to relate them together practically. He made sure the fundamentals are done right with revision on all modules while constantly exposing the class to topics linked to real life applications which also helped our businesses. Now, I recommended FP to other teammate for their quest to be a CFP Professional.

Tan Huimin

AIA Financial Services Manager

Ronald equipped us with the knowledge and tools to effectively help our clients plan for their retirement. Most importantly, what we have learnt allow us to create a true retirement plan that gives client income security when they choose to stop working rather than having clients accumulate financial products which is very common in the marketplace.

Rin Li

Financial Consultant, IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

Lecturers have been very helpful in clarifying doubts and answering questions during lectures and even outside of lectures, with additional resources for students to learn from. Additional information presented during lectures also enable me to better understand the relevancy of what we learn and how it applies to our work. Great learning experience overall.

Edward Shee

Asst. Vice President, Synergy Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

After taking two modules with FP, I find that the curriculum and study materials were arranged nicely and the presentation of the seminars were effective to enable learners like us to tackle the exam questions and real life applications. The lecturer was also helpful and knowledgeable to answer all our questions. Highly recommend FP as the no. 1 choice for CFP exams revision and register for the seminars. 

Earlene Tan

DBS Bank

 The courses has been very helpful and informative in understanding the need to do financial planning early such as the importance of planning for retirement and how to go about investing. I find asset allocation very useful in both the retirement and investment modules. 

Tan Chin Yi

Financial Consultant, Finexis Advisory Pte Ltd 

Ronald and his team of lecturers have provided a clear and systematic way of studying and preparing for the exams. The mock exams have been extremely helpful in giving me the confidence to clear the exams in one sitting. In addition, they have sometimes gone beyond the CFP syllabus by providing their own practical experience in practising the concepts, which is useful for young practitioners like us.

Jerry Yeo

Financial Consultant, PIAS

FP has helped me a great deal in pursuing my CFP certification and MDRT. With their arsenal of well equipped and qualified industry gurus, the contents were more easily understood. Kudos to FP for their support in our career! 

Mikulash B. Sipahimalani

Director, Koffee Korner Pte Ltd

My heartfelt thanks to lecturers Ronald Wong and Daniel Tan. Stellar gentlemen for imparting the knowledge and salient points to focus on. Taught skills how to respond to the exam questions, and the techniques as well. Gave great ideas how to remember the key points using simple mind maps. The lecture contents, notes and study manuals are definitely of good quality. And yes, I passed Module 1 the first time despite the challenging circumstance as I do have to travel. That's the tribute to the quality of the course. Looking forward to attending the other modules.  On the way to CFP!

Caden Chia Han Wei

Branch Manager, Finexis Advisory Pte Ltd

FP is a good organizer of the CFP classes, and Ronald is always available to answer questions when needed, which is very much appreciated. I highly recommend anyone who will like to UP their professionalism to attend the CFP classes with Financial Perspectives.

Goh Shek Hua

Financial Consultant, Financial Alliance

Ronald provided holistic support for the student dealing with the respective Modules. All the case studies are also beneficial for me to help me in my business. Thank you for providing such comprehensive services. Highly recommended for anyone to take the module with Ronald as lecturer.

Melvin Chan

Financial Consultant, PIAS

The class was very helpful in preparing me for the Mod 6 paper. It was more than just a revision of knowledge. Ronald helped us to strategically prepare for the challenges in approaching and managing the paper under actual exam conditions. The lessons also progressively build my ability to be able to handle the broad and overarching applications required in the Mod 6 exam.

Alvin Yeo

Learning and Development Manager, EIPL

I found the resources provided online to be very useful and relevant to my studies, especially the guided assessment. As a self-study student, these resources were critical in assisting my understanding and revision. Thanks to that, I managed to pass both M1 and M5 on my first sitting.

Lim Cheng Hoo

Financial Consultant, Prudential

Ronald is light-hearted in the way he teaches and he brings laughter to many, despite long evening classes, i.e. 3.5 hours. He always relaxes and reassures all of us 'how to fail?' in a joyous manner, knowing it is going to be a challenging paper encompassing all curriculum of first 5 CFP Modules. 

His ability to focus on 'key-appearing' areas and summarizes them for us helps tremendously. In fact, i counted on this, more than revising first 3 modules i cleared before 2009. And, i must admit, it is very much 'hopeful' trying to re-study all textbooks page to page.

What is also unique to Ronald's is, everyone have many firing rounds to practise Mock Exam Paper, prepared by himself of course, real time, i.e. like role-play, during the class, so that we've gotten a good feel of how to properly and effectively manage our time in the real sitting, as he emphasizes a lot, like a broken record.

As a practitioner himself, Ronald shared with us what are the common pitfalls advisers tend to make, addressed field issues encountered by learners at work, as well as kept everyone ahead of recent developments in the industry. "It is not just about passing the exam." he said.

I've happily attended all Ronald's class and i am very much thankful for having enjoyed all his 'lectures' =))

Seriously, if you want to do well for Module 6, with the least number of trials, i think, it is better to find out from him how.

Wong En Ci

Financial Consultant, IPPFA

I enjoyed the classes very much. Ronald is very funny, friendly, approachable, patient and helpful. He really goes the extra mile to ensure that we understand all the concepts and key points, and gives us his contact so that we can reach him when we have questions regarding the test questions or the modules. I studied the CFP book by Ronald and it has helped me to pass the 1st module. Thanks Ronald! Keep up the good work!

Candice Ang

Executive Financial Services Consultant, Legacy FA Pte Ltd

I passed Module 1, 4 and 5 at my first attempt with the guidance of Ronald and Team as well as attempting the well prepared online quiz and mock exam questions! 

Ashley Jones

Financial Planning Consultant, The Fry Group

Excellent class, it is the most engaging training session I have completed in Singapore. Ronald is excellent and breaks concepts down into clear segments. I highly recommend FP!

Lawrence Chow

Financial Consultant, Finexis Advisory

Ronald focuses primarily on educating us in tackling the exam with proven techniques. He constantly reminded us that we already know everything in our heads and it’s just a matter of how we apply them effectively during the exam with the pressure of time. He taught us strategies that enabled us to swiftly analyse the case study to pick up essential information for the questions later, which he kept drilling us with adequate practice during the sessions with him. I must say the time spent with Ronald and the class is well worth it as you get to practise and learn from your classmates. I am proud to say that I have passed my Module 6 upon my first attempt and Ronald’s teaching was of great help in helping me achieve that!

Ng Kian Lye

Financial Consultant, Elpis financial

Trainers are helpful. I am surprised Ronald responded to my questions over the weekend while I'm revising for one of the module exam. Training provided are comprehensive and relevant too. Thank you.

Zhou Weisheng, Jason

Executive Financial Planner, Great Eastern Financial Advisers

I have just completed my 4th module with Financial Perspective and honestly I believe they are the very reason how such daunting courses became a stroll in the park. The staff are extremely helpful be it on the administrative portion or the additional course material and study guide which are prepared by themselves through their own experiences as a CFP trainer. All these additional help and support made incorporating CFP modules into our already hectic lives much more bearable and allowed me to pass all my modules on the first attempt.

Lee Chun Keat

Senior financial consultant, PIAS

 Very effective teaching. The lecturers direct us to what's important to study and helps a lot especially for us who are working as well. I enjoyed every lesson and believe I wouldn't do as well if I don't attend class.

Roger Sng

Senior Financial Consultant, Prudential

Beside the quick revisions, the trainer Ronald Wong provided practical and insightful tips and directions to help me in the business and prepare for the certification exam. It helps greatly to have a good sense of the scope, the kind of practice, the approach and the mental preparation needed in order to prevail in the exam. This is especially important for busy professionals like us. Thank you very much!

Soo Jun Jie

Senior Financial Consultant, Finexis Advisory

Ronald is an excellent teacher. He gives practical business pointers and tips constantly to help students manage the exam and how to approach the paper. He also advise to read up on important recent events to ensure you know the topics relevant for the exam. Would recommend fellow consultants to take their CFP modules with Financial Perspectives. :)

Tan Song Cheng

Financial Services Consultant, AIA

First and foremost, I wish to comment Financial Perspective's professionalism & dedication in conducting the entire course. All the lecturers are very competent & experience with their background & profession, with special mention of Ronald Wong & Jimmy Joshua Tan. Ronald Wong commits & delivers to helping his students pass on first attempt. The CFP course is a very comprehensive & useful certification for practitioners, training & guiding them to deliver comprehensive financial planning on a needs based approach. I urge all practitioners to embark on the CFP course to greatly enhance their knowledge & competence.

Jean Chai

Financial Planner, GEFA

This is one of the best investments for myself.  It opened my eyes to the wide spectrum of financial planning, on top of the vast knowledge gained. Ronald never fail to make the topics interesting, practical and easy to digest. Enjoyed all my classes.


Financial Consultant, IPPFA

Ronald is a very committed lecturer and he shares very interesting anecdotes that makes it easy to relate back to the topics we learnt.

Tan Siew Hui

Life Planner, Great Eastern Life

Thankful for Ronald and Irene who are responsive whenever I sent them question. Especially for Ronald, because of his practical experience, he provided us with practical steps or information. It is very useful for a new agent like me. I thought such knowledge should be imparted to us before we actually embark on the journey as a new planner/agent.

Rueben Ho

CEO, Founder

Kudos to the efforts to bring "practical" trainers to share their experience and help us understand the contents better.  The online mock exams are refreshing because it allows us to continue at our own pace. Will continue with Financial Perspectives to complete the CFP program and recommend to friends and colleagues too.  Keep up the good work!

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